Virtual Concert at Humph Hall

7:00pm Sat Oct 31st

25th Anniversary Show!

Due to COVID, this will be a virtual concert. You can watch it live via this YouTube link:
Balmain Baroque concert link

Anyone can watch, just click the link at showtime. If you would like to support us, then you can buy a ticket at:
Balmain Baroque concert ticket

Concert Program

  • 1) Handel: Hercules Overture/Aria “How Blest the Maid”
    Overture, Allegro, Menuet, Recit, Larghetto
  • 2) Harpsichord solo: Johan Pachelbel Chaconne in F minor
  • 3) Monteverdi Canzonetta “Si Dolce e il tormento”
  • 4) Corelli Trio Sonata in F major Op 2 No 7
    Adagio, Allegro, Corrente, Gigue
  • 5) Handel Recorder Sonata in Bb major
    Vivace, Adagio, Allegro
  • 6) Handel Hercules Aria “Ah Think What Ills the Jealous Prove”
  • 7) Handel Trio Sonata in A major Op 5 No 1
    Andante, Allegro, Larghetto, Allegro, Gavotte