Virtual Concert at Humpf Hall

7:00pm Sat Oct 31st

25th Anniversary Show. Our first performance was in Dec 1995, in a church in East Balmain with a tin roof. The heavens opened just before we went on, we played on autopilot through the din

Due to COVID, this will be a virtual show. You can watch our concert live via this YouTube link:
Balmain Baroque concert link

Anyone can watch, just click the link at showtime. If you would also like to support us, then you can buy a ticket at:
Balmain Baroque concert ticket

Our program goes for about an hour, and features pieces by Corelli and Handel, including the wonderful Op 1 recorder sonata in Bb major.

Humpf Hall is a great venue, with an excellent video/audio setup, run by skilled hands. All we need do is play for you. Please join us.